Monday, December 8, 2014

Sunday Miracles

Familia y amigos, 

Que tal?  I hope everything is going super well at home.  I had a great week here, it was stake conference here, and I don’t really have a ton of pictures for this week, sorry!  But it was a good week, here’s what happened,

I went to Rivas on Tuesday with Sacalxot, and worked with the hermanas there.  Cool experience, we went to the house of a Recent Convert, but she wasn’t there.  Only her grandma.  Supposedly the grandma is usually grumpy but she was super nice.  We were sharing El es la Dadiva (He is the Gift) with her, and she was super receptive.  We asked her what the best gift she could give to Heavenly Father, and she said I don’t know.  My companion was whispering fecha fecha fecha, and so I said, baptism is the best gift.  She was super receptive, and has a fecha (baptism date) for the 10 of January.  It was the easiest fecha in all of my mission!

Wednesday through Friday we just worked in our area, not much to say.  We found out that Herty is teaching his wife the lessons, which is super cool.  She has a tough schedule to work with but she has been to church 3 times so we're trying to get her baptism set.

Saturday was Stake conference and Elder Ochoa, a Seventy, came and talked to us.  They pretty much chastised the members for not helping the missionaries with baptisms and other things going on in the Stake.  It’s nice for us as missionaries because now we don’t have to do it.  It was pretty good, but the asistencia (sorry cant think of the word in English [*attendance*]) wasn’t too great.

Sunday there were a lot more people. Elder Ochoa was here because our Stake got a new Stake Presidency.  Presidente Russell was there too and he spoke.  He shared the Dadiva (He is the Gift), which was cool.  Anyway the miracle that occurred, we woke up super early to leave the house at 7 to bring people to stake conference.  As we were visiting investigators pretty much everyone rejected us. Sunday was the purisima, the day when everyone worships the Virgin Mary. People go wild and scream, sing, and light off fireworks.  Super weird.  Anyway we had like 2 people because everyone else said they were catholic and were celebrating.  It was terrible.  We went to our house to pray because there was nobody.  We asked that we could bring 8 people to church.  And when we got there, some members had brought people, and we had 8.  Super awesome and a testimony builder.  We also went to the Christmas devotional and brought investigators there too.  Overall it was a great Sunday.

You guys are always asking what I eat so I thought you might like to see my favorite snack here, they’re delicious!

Plantain Chips-My favorite
I also eat graham crackers and yogurt for breakfast!  The grandpa special!  I had to eat cow liver the other week but it wasn’t too bad.  My favorite food here is queso frito, tajadas, gallopinto and this salad that they serve.  It is super awesome.  We get it like once or twice a week.  Super delicious! The salad is like pickled cabbage, pretty much shredded cabbage in like vinegar I’m not sure.  Tajadas are plantain chips. They’re pretty long, sometimes We eat a lot of chicken though.

That’s all I really got for this week.  I hope all of you have a great week, and Ill write you next week!

Love you all,
Elder Hanson

Sorry, I don’t have any good pictures this week!

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