Monday, December 1, 2014

Nuevo Compañeros!

Happy Thanksgiving (Elder Sacalxot)

Familia y Amigos,

How are you all doing??  I hope you all had a great week, and you are all enjoying the cold Utah weather!  This week on my missionary account thing it had the temperature here, and I didn’t even realize it was 85 degrees.... Who knew someone could be super cold when it is 70 degrees…I’m going to die in the cold winters in Utah.

Anyway, I got new compañeros this week!  Cambios are cool here.  On Tuesday the ZL get a phone call with all the people who have cambios.  All of these people meet in the morning on Wednesday and take a bus to Managua.  Only the people that have cambios go, not the companions.  So on Tuesday we got a call that Collado, Kleiner, and Chicas (DL) and a couple others had cambios.  Elder Hernandez and I are staying here in Jinotepe. On Wednesday morning they all went to Managua.  In Managua there is a reunion, called reunion de cambios.  Presidente Russell shows the numbers and stuff for baptisms, goals and such.  He shares a message and then reads off cambios.  It usually goes from like 8 to 11-12ish.  So everyone came back after reunion de cambios and I had 2 new companions!  Turns out Elder Collado is the new AP (his mission is going to be hard, 14 months of no sleep).  Kleiner is finishing up someone’s training in Managua.  Anyway, the names of my new companions are Elder Sacalxot and Elder Miculax.  They are both from Guatemala, Sacalxot is from Quetzaltenango y Miculax from the ciudad (Guatemala City). So, it is 3 guatemaltecos and me in my house right now!  Sacalxot is the new ZL and has been out a year and the other kid is new!  I worked with Sacalxot my first day in Nicaragua and he is super awesome!!  He had a pro soccer contract before his mission with signing bonus and everything but turned it down for his mission.  He is super cool. The language is coming along super well. It’s weird just having Spanish in the house but I haven’t really had any problems! 

This week was definitely hard, we don’t have a ton of investigators right now so we’ve just been finding puros nuevos (new investigators).  It stinks because nobody really wants to listen.  Were working hard and trying to find new people this week!

We had a baptism this week of this lady named Silvia.  She is super awesome and has a great testimony.  This week we have stake conference, and a general authority is coming, because they’re getting a new stake president.  It’s going to be Elder Ochoa.  I’ll let you all know how it’s going.

Anyway we got these pass along cards called “El es la dádiva”  I don’t know exactly what it translates to (I think “He is the Gift”), but I hope everyone is remembering the real meaning of Christmas in this upcoming season.

This email is super short, but I don’t have a ton of time.  I love you all, and have a great week!

Hey mom, just wanted to let you know I got all 7 packages you sent!

Shoutout to my boy HJ for leaving to the MTC this week!  Everyone keep him in your prayers!

Elder Hanson

Silvia's Baptism (Elder Hernandez, Elder Miculax, Silvia, Elder Sacalxot, Me)
Elder Hernandez and Elder Sacalxot


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