Monday, November 10, 2014

Pizza Hut and a Baptism

Miguel's Baptism
Familia y amigos,

Que honda?  Everything is going super well here.  I had an awesome week and am stoked to tell you all about it.  Just to start out I'll tell you about the weather here.  It is like cold.  I shiver sometimes.  And every time I’m cold I just laugh because it’s like 70 degrees. Haha! but when we wake up it's pretty chilly outside, and at night too.  There’s a nice breeze sometimes, but I think it's hilarious because I never thought I'd be cold here in Nicaragua.

Mom asked about our schedule.  In the morning, we have personal study from 8 to 9, companion study from 9 to 11, and from 11 to 12 we have language study.  At 12 we have lunch until 1.  Then we work from about 1 to 9 at night.

Time here is flying by.  Cambios are in 2 weeks, and even though it’s almost guaranteed that I’ll stay.  It's just wild to think about how fast time is passing. My companions are great and I’m having a great time with the other missionaries.  One of the other North Americans in my district, Elder Scheffler, is from South Ogden.  He loves to fly fish too so we’ve been talking about that this week!

Anyway, I had a great week.  I’ll just start with the days.  On Tuesday Hermana Russell (mission presidents wife) came out to Jinotepe and did a video interview of how the mission has changed our lives.  We were 4 of 12 missionaries she picked and it was crazy to think how much the mission has changed my life in only 10 weeks.

On the way to Masaya
Wednesday Elder Collado had a problem with one of the teeth in his mouth.  I got to go to Masaya, which is like 20 to 30 minutes outside of Managua, and 30 minutes from us.  We go on buses when we have to go longer distances and so we took the bus to Masaya.  It was crazy! There were 22 people in a 15-seater bus.  I had to stand up the whole time.  There was some dude spooning me from behind and I was leaning over people.  It was terrible! Masaya is the nicest part of the mission.  There were people with BMWs and Audis.  It was a lot nicer. 

Anyway, Elder Collado had to get a root canal, which stinks for him, but it was awesome for me because we got Pizza Hut.  It tasted just like normal Pizza Hut, super delicious.  It was like the same price too!

Pizza Hut!
We also stopped by one of the stores there and they had an amazing selection of cereal!  We didn’t buy any though because it was too expensive. It was hilarious though.  Elder Collado didn’t know a lot about the cereal and asked me which was the best.  I told him to point at the Krave! Hahaha! I hate Krave!

Elder Collado with the Cereal!
Thursday and Friday we just worked super hard with our investigators.  Elder Collado and me walked our whole area.  It is huge.  It kind of stinks because it is just like this huge long street and our house is at the top.  When we leave in the morning everything is downhill but we have to climb it when we want to go back in the night.  Our area has been receiving a little less work because the ZLs have been worrying about other areas.

Saturday I got to baptize Miguel.  There is a rule that we are only supposed to get in the water and do the baptism 1 time in the mission, but we couldn’t find anyone to baptize so I got to do it!  It was super awesome.

All of my investigators are doing well, we might baptize one of Miguel’s daughters this week, but if not for sure the week after.  The mom and aunt of Felipe, the kid who was confirmed here my first Sunday, are progressing and they have a baptismal date for the 22nd.

On Sunday we got 6 people to come to sacrament meeting, so everything is going great.  

I hope everyone is doing well at home!  Let me know how you all are doing!  Love you all!

Elder Hanson

Lunch Today!

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