Monday, November 17, 2014

Miracle Baptism!!

Herty's Baptism

Familia y amigos,

Como estan? (How are you?)  Espero que todo estè bien! (I hope you are all doing well!) This week was super awesome, and time is flying by.  Today is the first day of week 6, and time seriously is flying.  This week was a little warmer here and it rained 2 days, but not much has changed, I´ll let you know about my week!

Tuesday was a great day. We found this guy named Herty on Sunday at church. Long story short he listened to the missionaries in Costa Rica, but 1 week before his baptism he had to leave.  His uncle lives in our area (he lives in the area of the Hermanas and has another house in the area of our DL, super confusing and is starting problems) so we are teaching him at the house of his uncle so it will be our baptism. He had been listening to the missionaries for 4 months and has a super strong testimony.  We placed a fecha for this Saturday that just passed, and placed a date for his wife for the 13th of December.

Not much happened on Wednesday.  Elder Collado had to go to the dentist again in the morning, so I went to Masaya with him.  The busses weren't as crowded as last time (22 people in a 15 seater) so it wasn't too uncomfortable.  Before my mission I hated being packed in close with people but now its just normal.  I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  I was lucky enough to eat Papa Johns on the way back.  Our area has been difficult lately because the ZLs have been working in other areas because bautismos have been falling, but we just worked hard for normas (our goals/standards).

Nothing happened Thursday too.  Hernandez and I did weekly planning in the morning, and then we just worked the rest of the day.  Herty had his interview, and passed.  There was a little conflict over whose baptism it really is, but we taught him first so it was ours.  We spent time trying to find people because a lot of our invesigators are not progressing.  The problem is that the Nicaraguenses will commit to anything, so really 15 Nica fechas (dates) is about 5 baptisms. 

On Friday we just worked super hard with our investigators and got stuff ready for the baptism.  We're having problems with Tania because supposedly her Pastor found out that she has been listening to us.  Her husband plays the piano at her church, and when the Pastor found this out about Tania, he told her husband that he was "unworthy " to play the piano.  The husband is mad at us and told Tania he doesn't want to talk to us because we will sway his beliefs.  Sounds like a family baptism to me.

Saturday was the baptism of Herty and of course something had to go wrong.  It was Seminary graduation and they had a huge party here at the Stake Center after so there was loud music.  Of course they turned it up right when he got in the water.  Whatever!

He got confirmed Sunday, and we brought 5 investigators to church.  Some investigators tried to lie to us and told us that they came but we didn't see them.  We have 3 possibilities this week and I hope they all pull through!

Hope everyone is doing well, I love you all!

Elder Hanson

Herty and his family

Elder Chicas (DL), Elder Hernandez (ZL) and Elder Collado (ZL)

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