Monday, August 8, 2016

Time winding down

Familia y Amigos,

This week was decent, our baptism ended up falling which was a bummer but we had a couple miracles happen, we should have a couple baptisms this week.

So Monday through Wednesday not a ton happened.  We just worked in they area, tried to find some people but didn’t have a ton of luck.  Tuesday in the afternoon I got a text from one of the APs that they would be bringing me a missionary to work with me.  I guess there were E changes and he had done something, he ended up staying the night.  Worked hard with us, who knows what happened.

On Thursday we had a super awesome day.  The ward decided to have this thing called Noche de Hermanamiento, it is just like an activity where you bring your investigators and the new converts so the members can get to know them better, it was definitely a success.  We had a good lesson about tithing with one of our investigators that is preparing for baptism this week and it was a great day.  The best thing happened though right after our last lesson.  It was like 9pm and we were walking home, when all of a sudden we heard someone yell "hermanos, hermanos!" So we saw that it was one of our investigators.  She is the investigator that I was talking about a couple weeks ago that was progressing really well back in May, but she got a job and had to work on Sundays.  We continued teaching her and for the past couple months we had been visiting her on Wednesdays, her free day.  So the day before she had told us that they hadn’t given her the new job as she was expecting, and was kind of disappointed because she really wanted to get baptized and be strong in the church. Anyway back to real time, she called us over, and I was a little surprised because she usually works until like midnight.  I asked her if she got off work early, and she told us that she had quit her job that morning and was going to go to church on Sunday.  We set up an appointment with her for the next day and we were stoked!

On Friday we passed by, she was there and she committed to baptism.  We went over the baptismal questions with her and she was good, she has a strong testimony from the long time we have teaching her.

Saturday was a little rough, with the baptism falling, as well as a couple investigators dropped us but nothing too horrible.  It was a really slow day but we were able to get the majority of our investigators committed to church.

Sunday we had an awesome turn out in church, we got our investigators interviewed so this week we will just be busy locking them down.

It is crazy to think that the time has come here to an end, but I am so grateful for the chance I had to serve the people here of Nicaragua.  I love this place with all of my heart and am grateful for all of the experiences that I have had here that have not only changed me but also the people I have had the opportunity to teach.  I know and have seen the influence of the gospel in these people’s lives, and I know that God continues to lead and guide us through living prophets.  I’m grateful for my savior Jesus Christ, for his Atonement that applies to us in each day of our lives. 

Want to give a quick Bday shoutout to my mom, happy birthday!!! Love you lots!!

Thats all I can think of, love you all.
 see you at 7 in 7.

Elder Hanson

bad news... no pics this week. sorry!!

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